part-ner /pärt’ nɘr/ (noun) 1. One who is associated with another in a shared activity. 2. An ally.

At PARK Research Partners, it’s about relationships.

  1. Partnering with you, our client, to provide quality research every time.
  2. Building rapport with your consumers across the table to explore ideas in search of actionable insights.
  3. Connecting with professionals in the marketing research industry, such as top-notch facilities, to bring together a team ready to meet your needs.

PARK Research Partners is more than simply a research consultancy that steps in, performs a function and steps back. Rather, we want to be a partner you can count on when you are looking for direction, a partner who will serve as a resource and a sounding board. We make your job easier by working to uncover actionable insights in the context of your objectives. Kaylor Hildenbrand, Principal Consultant Kaylor began working as a professional marketing research consultant in 1996. A skilled writer and moderator, Kaylor embraces the evolutionary nature of qualitative methodologies and easily adapts to changes and challenges. With her easy yet professional style and demeanor, she establishes a quick rapport with respondents, encouraging open and candid discussions of even the most sensitive and personal topics. Kaylor’s wide range of experience means she brings to the table a wealth of insights and ability, and an uncanny intuition that often leads her to ask the very questions that rest at the tip of her client’s tongue. She is equally comfortable conducting business to business and consumer research and has a knack for quickly grasping the most complicated concepts and strategies. Kaylor’s philosophy of partnering with her clients means she spends the time and attention needed to ensure a clear understanding of each project’s objectives. Debriefing with clients at the close of the sessions means your team leaves the room with key findings identified. Thoughtful analysis and detailed reporting is always provided on a timely basis. While specializing in the conduct of qualitative research, Kaylor is also well-versed in the conduct of quantitative studies and is available to consult on the design and management of the research, particularly when conducted as prelude or follow-up to the qualitative phase. A graduate of Florida State University, Kaylor continues to learn and grow as a professional consultant and moderator through memberships and active participation in the industry’s professional associations.

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